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Since age 18 I am teaching piano. Through my studies with Eckart Besch and Conrad Hansen I could integrate the great tradition from Franz Liszt in the 4th students generation and connect it with my cross-over-knowledge of medicine to the PIANO-CODE.

This makes the fascination of the PianoMusicDocs master-classes (open to everybody) which are newly happening at the Sumiswald Castle in the Swiss Emmental near BERN. See

The two essental elements of the PIANO-CODE are

  • the 3-dimensional movement analysis with a movement atom for
    • Saggital level
    • Frontal level
    • Horizontal level
  • Music programming
    • Finger number + Note name
    • Rhythm-structure (the biggest secret of musicians!)
    • Articulation (the distance of notes to each other)
    • intensity (precisely defined!)
    • Pedal (with all tricks!)


education for general practitioner done.
education for specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy nearly done.

various experience in different forms of medicine and medical IT.

apart from employed medical activities you can reach me as Consultant:


President of the beneficial association elected for life-time.

This association works for improvement of the work-life-balance of Docs (MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists) with the departments:


In Switzerland a community shall grow:


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