Since age 18 I am teaching piano. Through my studies with Eckart Besch and Conrad Hansen I could integrate the great tradition from Franz Liszt in the 4th students generation deriving form him and connect it with my cross-over-knowledge of medicine to THE PIANO-CODE.

This makes the fascination of the PianoMusicDocs master-classes (open to everybody) which are newly happening at the Sumiswald Castle in the Swiss Emmental near BERN. See

The two essental elements of the PIANO-CODE are

  • the 3-dimensional movement analysis with a movement atom for
    • Saggital level
    • Frontal level
    • Horizontal level
  • Music programming
    • Finger number + Note name
    • Rhythm-structure (the biggest secret of musicians!)
    • Articulation (the distance of notes to each other)
    • intensity (precisely defined!)
    • Pedal (with all tricks!)

This points out only some essence.
All my teachings are including several topics which you will never get at music academies.