A LIVESTREAM is like a chain with several segments:

  • At the event location the signal goes from a camera into a computer.
  • Then the signal goes via internet to a server in the USA.
    • we have a good line of 500 MB/sec down and 50 MB/sec upstream which is necessary to manage several cameras
  • You get a link to LogIn on the server of ein and you get the signal back to Europe or wherever you are located.
  • The quality of YOUR internet line is an important factor (how many MB/sec DOWNSTREAM?) it should be at least 16 MB/sec or more.
  • The processing speed of your computer is another factor but this normally should work fine.
  • Then it depends on the functionality of your browser with which you observe our livestream. We definitely recommend to use the google chrome browser since the vimeo program studio6 is optimized on this browser and the (optional) chat works best with it.
    • it DOES work via cell phones but cell phones do not support the chat function! Thus PC/Mac is mostly better!
  • We have a real power computer to send the signal, it is practically excluded that problems derive from this machine. Most disturbances come from the local system of the viewers. OK, we are not perfect. Vimeo/Livestream is world market leader in this technology…
  • Please use the control panel of the vimeo player in which the livestream video is embedded. You see the controls when your mouse moves over the video area:
    • at the bottom left there is a PLAY/PAUSE-button, click everfy time to switch between these functions
    • on the bar at the bottom in the middle you can go forward and backward in case of a stored film but not during a livestream, click on the playe on the time axis where you want to go.
    • at the bottom richt is the volume bar, you can click and pull louder or softer pulling right or left, or you make single clicks
      • For the SOUND: mostly it is better if your computer has active loudspeakers for a better sound than the mini-loudspeakers of a laptop for example. The better your audio equipment is the better you can adapt to the best loudness.
    • You can define the video RESOLUTION of the video clicking on the SETTINGS-WHEEL: Either you manually set to your desired solution or let the vimeo player autommatically search for the best video resolution according to your internet line by clicking on “AUTO”.
    • bottom right has the symbol to switch between full screen or smaller screen of the video, just click on the symbol to switch.
  • IF the stream is not fluent:
    • click on PLAY/PAUSE-button, mybe several times to make the video going again
    • WAIT for (half a) minute to see if its variations of the line speed which will be compensated so the video flows again.
    • 1. reaction: do NOT refresh the browser but click on the link you got for LogIn to get back to the streaming video!
      (Refresh does NOT work since vimeo creates a new individual link after you LogIn to distinguish between the different sessions which will be stored. But you can get back to the relevant video only by clicking on the ORIGINAL link which you got for your LogIn!
    • 2. reaction (if reaction 1 is insufficient): close your browser and reopen with the ORIGINAL link from your LogIn-email, possibly you have to enter the password again
    • 3. reaction: shut down your computer totally and restart it, then make the LogIn procedure again
    • if chat is activated, you can make a technical remark in the chat and precisely name your problem!
  • if all of these steps do not work to make you enjoy the LIVESTREAM video, only then write an email to wolfgang[AT] OR send a WhatsApp message to +41 76 784 43 22 (since it is nearly impossible to make telephone calls during the studio work.
    • be aware that a reaction may take several minutes since the receiver is running the studio
  • ticket-sales will be closed TWO HOURS before the event so the ticket buyers can get their LogIn email in time.

In case the chat is used::

right from the livestream video you would find the chat area.

Chat is displayed only on PC or Mac but NOT on cell phones or most tablets!

Have fun with our LIVESTREAM!